“Je prends ma place”


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The Je prends my place contest is there to recognize, promote, and reward the volunteer efforts of Gaspesians and Magdalen Islanders, ages 18 to 35, all while highlighting their talents, creativity and determination.


Candidates will be evaluated along the following lines:

Their actions when overcoming obstacles and challenges

The effects of their community involvement

Personal qualities and abilities

Two winners will receive a $1000 prize :

Two winner from the region, involved in their community

Registration is currently closed.

Past contest winners

 Winners (2022)
Dominique Landry – Caplan
Paule Ménard-Pelletier – Sainte-Anne-des-Monts
Winners (2020)
Marie Novak, Carleton-sur-Mer
Sarah Servant, Sainte-Anne-des-Monts
Christina Lepage, from Caplan
Christina has been heavily involved in the Impact project (community intervention for teenagers with risky behaviours causing trauma) since 2015, in the Bonaventure and Grand-Vallée regions. The Impact project has significant social impacts. She coordinates over 70 professionals who volunteer their time to give workshops to young people. Through her dedication and effort, she has created a positive working environment that facilitates communication, teamwork, and interprofessional collaboration. Her steady, long-term dedication and commitment to her community were noticed by the jury. The jury is proud to present Christina with this years’ award!
2014 Winner: Jean-Sébastien Aucoin, from Fatima